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September 2, 2017 at 17:52 น.

Hydra Firm-Up Whitening Mist (420 Baht)

Finally, it is considered as my lovely item because it is Spray Facial Care 3 in 1 because;

1. Take care of my dull skin.
2. Take care of my dry skin.
3. Take care of my makeup.

This's like a skincare, sunblock SPF 50+++ protect my face from both UVA and UVB as well as general sunscreen. The light Spearmint made you feel like you sprayed nothing at all. I like to use it before makeup or even spray over makeup. It depends on my mood…lol

After half day, my face is still tight with makeup. After spraying you can immediately go out under the sun. I use it quite often and keep on buying to replace the finished ones. I really like it because after using for a while, I felt that my face looks fairer, But it depends on every persons skin.

Score: 9.5 / 10 Okay, this is the best. I really don't have to deduct lol...

There are a lot of items and you don’t know how to choose, right? But if you don’t want dark skin, do not forget to buy a bottle of Keeleys.

Or… if you have another brand that cool to me please share it ^ ^ ^

Review from Keeleys user in Thailand

Keeleys, Skincare Spray

Who are looking for sunscreen to make over your makeup today? Nui has a good introduction to it. It is KeeLeys HYDRA FIRM-UP WHITENING MIST. The sunscreen Spray Facial Care 3 in 1 is sure enough.

The highlight of this sunblock is that it can be sprayed over makeup immediately without waiting for up to 15 minutes. Plus a mixture of sunscreen and rich in vitamin C helps skin against the sun and back to being white. It also helps slow down wrinkles as well.

I tried it before and I cannot feel that I sprayed anything right? The content is very light, like spraying clouds or clouds to the face. It is not sticky and can be used all day. It is also compact and portable.

I usually shake the bottle before spraying. Then spray 20 centimeters away from your face. It is good and Nui recommends spraying at least every 4 hours for maximum UVA / UVB protection.

Cannot wait for 15 minutes because of using a lot of things together. It is important to spray sunscreen and make up whole day. Try to find a waterproof from sweat offline.


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Normally I do not like to use skin care products around the eyes. The reason is simple, "lazy." But I stay behind to work late. Not enough space to use the product. Now Nui is using KEELEYS TRIPLE ACTION REGENERATING EYE SERUM.

KEELEYS TRIPLE ACTION REGENERATING EYE SERUM is an eye gel that is rich in vitamin E and collagen from deep sea fish. The two ingredients can reduce wrinkles and make the skin smooth.

This product is a color gel and no perfume. Using this will not hurt your eyes or cause irritation. With small molecules, its texture is like sponges which can be absorbed by the skin very quickly. Not sticky anyway.


1) After washing the face clean. Squeeze gel and apply cream to 3 points under the eye.

2) Tap with fingertips. Apply regularly in the morning and before bed for optimal performance.

I used this for about 2 weeks and I had no pimples. It is suitable for people with very sensitive skin. I like the part of the gel is a little cool, it relaxes your eyes and skin under the eyes and moisten it immediately. I have a problem with the baby started asking for it. It's a good price, too. ^^


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Hello everybody

We must accept that Thailand is hot, really scary. We need an available product for this summer. It would be a sunscreen product.

Yuri would like to introduce a sunscreen in a spray that would be very much ideal for girls like us.

It is easy to carry and can be sprayed over our makeup. I do not leave any doubt as well. It is a spray mineral water with 3in1 sunscreen that both protect and protect me.

I have already told this. So let's get to know the product of our heroine is better than this.

Worry about 3 big problems of girls

Skin dullness / dry skin, dry skin / wrinkles

These problems are gone...

With a mixture of sunscreen, rich in vitamin C. Helps skin from the sun and back to white. Both help slow down wrinkles.

Lightweight, non-greasy texture is available throughout the day. Compact size, easy to carry and can be applied immediately. Do not wait for up to 15 minutes until the cream is dry. With the spray mixture of skin sunscreen rich in vitamin C. Helps skin from the sun and back to white. And help slow down wrinkles. And add moisture to the skin. The essential extract that will nourish our skin, namely...

Mangosteen: Revitalizing skin with a high concentration of aura up to 75% from the fruit queen.

Bird's nest: brightens the skin. Increases elasticity and hydration.

Vitamin C: Antioxidants and collagen. Restore skin brightness.

So we can use it all day and spray over makeup. Do not make makeup with me.

How to use

Hold and spray can away from the face for about 20 centimeters.

Spray immediately before sun exposure. Repeat spray every 4 hours for optimal skin care and UVA / UVB protection.

It helps make up cosmetics, it is called a beautiful order without waiting for 15 minutes.

Review from Keeleys user in Thailand

Today we talk about eye cream better.
The problem around the eyes, this is something to take care of very much.
It is the window of the eye.
It looks younger and the age is measured by the wrinkles around the eyes.

Today, I have the opportunity to try one eye cream. Personally, there are problems with eye cream. Some people buy expensive, but I do not care to sleep, I do not go to sleep.

Eye cream Keeleys "TRIPLE ACTION REGENERATING EYE SERUM" The youthfulness you feel in 1 minute.

Solves all the problems around the eyes. Feel the tightness after using within 1 minute. The problem of dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes.

Very much, just the feeling of persuasion.

The package is pretty expensive to claim that it can reduce dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes.......


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【Experience】 Hydra Firm-up Whitening Mist - Natural sunscreen micro particles that can form a film in the skin, giving the skin a super-intimate invisible protective mask!!!

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Today the weather is really upsetting, changing.......

Not only that, the weather really changed me too much!
And I seriously complains about my cheeks!

Changes to dry ~ ~ ~ and occasionally itchy!!!
Uncomfortably dry........ No more moisture....... No more!!!

Before, Michell is moisturized....... But slowly feel less moisturized......

Only recently I found a new moisturizing compact whitening spray.......

Michell just received and thinks CP value burst high ah!
Hurry up I’ll share with you........

This is the main concept of the essence of a mask!

A bottle that solves four major problems of the skin: dryness, dullness, peeling and shiny Natural sunscreen fine particles forms a film in the skin.

Effectively blocking UVA / UVB damage to the skin, it can also relieve dermatitis and skin allergies.


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Thailand keeleys "Hydra Firm-up Whitening Mist Hydrating Whitening Spray", gives your skin super-intimate invisible protective mask!!!

The latest weather, changes from cold to hot.

This kind of weather, makes my skin dry, even remove the makeup on my skin.

I often put makeup in the afternoon all the “time.”

Has been looking for a good moisturizing makeu.

Hydra Firm-up Whitening Mist Moisturizing Whitening Spray is my recent cosmetic magic weapon in my bag

Usually we use skin care products mostly from Japan and South Korea or Europe and the United States and even MIT Taiwan system of things

However, from "Thailand" skin care products, do you use it?

In fact, after I found this Thai skin care products, I was a little worried. I had never uses Thai products before.

But to think about Thailand is in Southeast Asia, where it is very hot. For maintenance, the needs of sun protection and moisture protection should be higher.

So try it on the bold!

A bottle solves four major skin problems: dry, dull, peeling, shiny

Contains natural sunscreen fine particles that can form a film in the skin.

Effectively blocking UVA / UVB damage to the skin, also relieve dermatitis and skin allergies.

Review from Keeleys user in Hong Kong

♥ Share ♥ Thailand keeleys Hydra Firm-up Whitening Mist Moisturizing Whitening Spray,

Usually we only use skin care products mostly from: Japan, South Korea, Europe and United States. Even skin care products which are made in Taiwan (MIT). What would you think of when we talk about Thailand? Sunny seaside activities and spicy Thai food? Yes, these are what I usually think of.

(First, please help ACO share a long ride as I eat and drink. I will always attentively share you)
Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, the climate here is hot. In terms of maintenance, the needs for sunscreen and moisturizer is very high. And in response to the weather and eating habits (salty, very acidic, very spicy foods). These relatively high irritating food can easily cause a big impact on the skin! Therefore, in Thailand, the production of skin care products R & D, should be improved this way.

I would like to share to everyone this bottle [Hydra Firm-up Whitening Mist Hydrating Whitening Spray]
One of the leading Thai beauty makeup product.

This bottle is very magical. This bottle can solve four major problems: dryness, dullness, peeling and shiny.
Contains natural sunscreen fine particles that can form a film in the skin. Effectively blocking UVA / UVB that damages the skin. This can also relieve dermatitis and skin allergies.

You will receive the product in a box. The box is smooth with elegant background, gray font and silver border. The product is also marked with "SPF50 / PA +++"

With SPF50 (Sun Protection Factor) and PA +++, the entire defense against the sun is very adequate and it is very suitable to use when going to the beach or long time outdoor walking! Highly resistant to UVA and UVB and has long lasting effect which will not cause any skin problem like skin irritation. Whether it is hot summer or seaside walking, as long as you bring the bottle it’s ok!

When you open up the cover, you will see a nozzle where you can “push”. I like this design because it keeps my hand clean and it is very convenient to use.

Before using, gently shake the bottle to evenly mix the inside.

Close your eyes and spray 20cm away from your face. (Remember, do not open your eyes!!!)

Remember to spray the whole face in uniform to get even protection from the sun! You should take into account your neck if you wear less during summer. It feels good when I used it for the first time! Because after you spray, water will remain at first and you will feel a sense of defense. However, this [Hydra Firm-up Whitening Mist Whitening Spray] will not have any water vapor, but a "film".
Each spray will deliver full flower aroma which is fragrant and will make you feel happy. Zinc Oxide is a natural sunscreen of fine particles that forms a film in the skin effectively blocking UVA / UVB that damages the skin. It also relieves dermatitis and skin allergies.

So whether it is used before or after makeup, it can be directly sprayed and it will dry naturally. Do not worry about you face getting wet because it will not affect your makeup and it is super convenient to use.  After spraying, it doesn’t leaves an uncomfortable feeling in the face. You will immediately feel your face is covered with a protective cover. It easily solves the dryness, dullness, peeling, shiny skin and sun damage from ultraviolet exposure. I usually rub sunscreen on my skin before I go out and make sure my skin is evenly coated and you will immediately see the result of the new product and does not affect the makeup.

Now I use this from Thai [Hydra Firm-up Whitening Mist Hydrating Whitening Spray].  Because one time I really saw my friend use sunscreen and the face looks sweating and her face makeup looks so horrible.

In addition, the mist is transparent to I do not have to worry about its outside appearance. It contains aloe vera flower extract that moisturizes and relives sensitive skin. It also enhances the skins brightness and vitality. Not only it moisturizes the skin but the Vitamin C also promotes the growth of natural collagen. So I can feel it’s effect and always nourish me!

The same series of products, I also used this eye cream. Triple Action Regenerating Eye Serum. This "Triple Performance Renewable Eye Serum" is available for any skin type

Hose design, to ensure that every squeeze out of the contents are clean It is very simple to use in morning and evening after washing your face, squeeze pea sized amount on your fingertips and evenly coat the eye skin.

Although it is an eye cream, the texture is relatively close to an emulsion-like texture Its texture is very refreshing. Do not worry because it doesn’t adds excessive burden to the eye. Scalability is very good and easily take away. Do not forget to use whenever you can and massage lightly using your fingertips for better absorption. It keeps the eye hydrated, while increasing the eye skin elasticity and enhances the degree of compactness. So that my eyes can continue to keep the spirit of flying.
With aging, coupled with long-term exposure in front of the computer. I really should be paying more attention to eye care!

Thailand Keeleys [Hydrating Whitening Spray] & Triple Rejuvenation Eye Essence.



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• ▌Anti-acne ▌Keelys Acne Repairing Serum Acne Repair Skin Essence Soothing inflammation acne super feeling ~

I always rarely share acne products ~
Because I am not very easy to have acne skin
But occasionally having one or two acnes is quite troublesome...

I believe everyone understands.
Occasionally long acne really feels awkward.
Do you all have your own anti-acne artifact?
If you do not have ~~ this time to share anti-acne gel I personally feel good!
Interested in continuing to look
The brand to be shared this time is Thai brand Keeleys~
Don’t say that you haven’t heard... At first I didn’t even heared XDD.
Hee hesitated to receive Keelys's invitation on that day
After reading for a long time, I am quite interested in this “Acne Repair Beauty Essence”.
Just talking to the manufacturers wants me to say I want to try
But if it's not for me, I won't send a document and I'll buy the product directly
The manufacturer also promised generously, so there is this cooperation!

Acne Repairing Serum Acne Repair Skin Serum
Tell me why I am interested in this product...
The reason is a bit shallow superficial XDDD
Is to see this acne repair skin essence essence is very special!
Added Japanese onion extract to prevent bacteria and repair scars

The most special thing is that I like to eat mangosteen (!?
For the first time, it is known that mangosteen is rich in xanthones with extremely high antioxidant activity and can prohibit the activity of acne bacteria.
Vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid, etc. can inhibit skin pigmentation
Not only does acne also prevent acne's wound melanin from precipitating and becoming unsightly acne marks!

The mangosteen inside the ingredients is really cool~~
After all, it is Made In Thailand! Mangosteen is not strange XDDD
((suddenly want to eat

The opening is very narrow and well controlled dosage ~
Because the amount of acne is not large, the dosage does not need too much So as not to rub too thick .. boring acne is not good Oh!
Try to see texture on the back of your hand first 100% gel texture will not flow

After wiping it off, the texture is quite absorbed.
Skin surface will not have stickiness or a layer of film
Do not suffocate acne

Actually, I have received this acne repairing skin essence for a long time. But you guys know... I have to wait for acne to show up! ! ! Faces are allergic all the time... It's not a good time to try a new product I and the manufacturer delayed the distribution of the time is to wait for acne... It sounds ridiculous, but this is truth. In the end, it was really waiting for me to wait. XDD The first time I felt that I was expecting because of the red acne on my cheeks This red acne is mild but has the potential to continue inflammation.

Do not use too much ~ As long as enough is enough to waste it! Apply to approximate absorption.

After 29 hours... ((There is one or two more rubs in between No red acne friends ~ acne really disappeared I feel it's soothing effect is really good at first.

There is a spot of acne that has been inflamed once and which I have stolen. I also painted a little to see if it would eliminate inflammation.

A little bit of a sting when applied to the wound But it's OK, but it's OK

The next day it was found less convex! There is no condition of pustules. Feeling relieved a lot!

But it still feels a little bit convex So I continue to rub! I think there is also a good soothing effect for acne that has been squeezed.

Then the house leaks in the rain overnight. Got one again for a pair of XDDD The two acne is more convex and a little painful... Judging from my experience that if there is no rubbing treatment it will change the next day Let's continue experimenting. (((Oh, I really think about XDD

Do not use too much ~
Smear it to fully absorb it!

You're right~I'm scratching before carrying out general maintenance procedures!
There was no occurrence of swarf with care products.
((but I don’t use it before makeup

After 26 hours~((There is another rub! I found that there really was a little more convex But it's already much better~~~

I think this one is worth recommending to people who have occasional acne like me.
Prevent acne from growing before it has been severely inflamed
Relieving inflammation can reduce the chance of harming the skin's surface!

But what I want to say is... I think acne products vary from person to person.
Like many people recommend a Japanese acne ointment I also have to buy ...
But I don't really use it. The acne will continue to grow
So I think you can refer but don't buy impulses!
But .. Btw acne repair skin essence price is very good to accept ~ I think it can be used for a long time.

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(Thailand) KeeLeys Hydrating Firming Whitening Sunscreen Spray (SPF50/PA+++) & Moisturizing Eye Gel of Thailand. It's very convenient and easy to use!

When you go to Thailand, it’s not only food that can be bought. I did not expect that the skin care products are also very effective ~ The price is not expensive and it has a high quality!

Like the Keeley’s Product name LaPurete by Aqua it has a Thai collagen, Therefore, we have some preliminary understanding of Thailand's maintenance brand. Previously I would like to say that Taiwan’s collagen will be listed. The result did not expect to be sold in Hong Kong and Thailand afterwards. I think that collagen is also very good in skin for skin. ~

The series of Product for skin care. The packaging is same as the other international brands! Most artist in Thailand also uses this is product. They have invited actor Mo Amena and singer Gybzy as an endorser.~

At present KeeLey’s launches only three products and it is not a lotion, but it is sunscreen, eye gel with anti-acne essence ACNE REPAIRING SERUM~ Therefore, it is more oriented towards functional orientation. I also find it quite discriminating after I used it, so I wanted to share it with everyone! However, there are no agents in Taiwan yet!

Then there may be because I see the official website has traditional Chinese, I think the officials will also want to promote in Taiwan market! However, because I don't have any acne, I don't need that type of anti-acne!

I use sunscreen products most often. So, the first to use is Hydra Firm-up Whitening Mist-420THB.

Did you find it strange to see the name? - At first, I said it was a sunscreen product. But is it a whitening essence?

In fact, this should be treated as a sunscreen! Because it actually has SPF50/PA+++!!

Take a closer look at the ingredients, and the inside is really a Zinc Oxide physical sunscreen! The manufacturing origin of the product comes from Thailand. However, the company seems to have both in Hong Kong and Thailand.~

A detailed description of the main ingredients is also printed on the packaging


In addition to physical sunscreen ingredients, there are also chemical sunscreen ingredients - SunCat DE, So really do not doubt, it is really a sunscreen spray!!

Why is it a whitening spray? Because of the addition of arbutin, esterified vitamin C, pearl powder, etc., it has a whitening effect.~

Why did you say that you have a tender spray? Because there are many moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients added inside, including vitamin B3, deep-sea fish bone collagen, Q10, aloe flower extract, and even ginseng and bird's nest. More specifically, a Thai fruit-mangosteen extract was added. Because Mangosteen has a bioactive Shan ketone, it has the effect of anti-oxidation, no loss is the title after the subtropical fruit! (The voice of fans: When I saw Mangosteen, I couldn't help but think that I didn't eat mangosteen for a long time. @@ Why Taiwan cannot import it? <)

So overall it is a sunscreen spray with three-in-one effect!


Whether it is adding a re-useful maintenance ingredient, as long as there is a sunscreen ingredient that can only be used during the day and after returning home to normal face cleansing.~

So, I use it as a sunscreen spray. However, it is totally different from the sunscreen spray I used before!! The sunscreen spray that I used before was sprayed with milky texture, so there was still a feeling of whiteness. Some sunscreen sprays also have water droplets, so when the spray is still there will be drip!

But this KeeLeys Hydrating Firming Whitening Sun Spray is a transparent oil mist. Therefore, there is no fear of flooding, and there are no water droplets. So, don't be afraid to drop! It is not oil, but it is a bit like a layer of film, very special sunscreen spray~

And some of the sunscreen sprays add alcohol to volatilize most of the time (point me). But this has no alcohol inside. If you have a sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry ~ It also has a faint scent that is very elegant, not very cheap and tacky. And it comes in an expensive bottle. So affordable and easy to use!!

Use it like a spray during the day, then just finish the sunscreen with your hands gently patted. The key point is that because of its moisture level, it can also be used as a base before makeup. Do not be afraid that the skin will be too dry!! This feeling is quite like the feeling of makeup before the cream, you can smooth fine lines to make the bottom makeup more obedient!!

I think the official website says that it can be used as a fixed makeup spray. But I haven't tried to spray it after I finish makeup. Because the whitening ingredients inside are used as the outermost layer is a bit wasteful. I would rather use it as a base makeup, and also isolate the damage of the of the skin because of make-up ~~


In addition, Triple Action Regenerating eye serum triple rejuvenation eye serum -390THB (THB), I also think it's an eye gel with high cp value~

It is very light, it is also suitable to use for travelling ~ Even the ingredients inside are so particular that add firmness and increase elasticity. For example, Halosphere, Glycosaminoglycans mucopolysaccharide, collagen, vitamin E, etc. There are also elderflower extracts, ginseng, etc. added to reduce eye edema. And the texture is not greasy. On the other hand, it is a very refreshing gel. Don't be afraid to grow small granulation buds. Girls can also use the eye gel.~

Overall, I did not expect that Thailand's skin care products are so affordable and so easy to use ~~ So after coming to Thailand, the gift is not just for snacks. You can also bring skin care products back to XD


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(May 16, 2016) KeeLeys Triple Revitalizing Eye Serum
by MiuMiuLin

Many people say that eyes can reveal the age of girls and girls need to know how to love themselves because it is expensive and it takes a lot of time if you will only rely on medical beauty. I used a Thai-made eye cream on the mainland this time. It feels refreshing and moisturized.

Hydra firming whitening spray, triple action regenerating eye cream and acne repair beauty serum.

Some people say that women need to take care of flowers. When I use the mirror with flowers, often many people will say that people are younger than flowers. Close look to really see that there is no usual maintenance.


KeeLeys Triple Action Regenerating eye serum

It cannot be denied that the eyes are really important! Do not say wrinkles, but only occasional eye edema or is it too tiring to look old? So, if you're over twenty, you can start using eye cream.


This bottle of KeeLeys from Thailand, I call this bottle a beautiful eye cream. It has a very beautiful packaging and the designs look elegant and textured.

If you want to look at manufacturing and expiry dates, look at the bottom of the box. It is clearly marked for reference. Open it and remember to use it as soon as possible to avoid deterioration.

Hose type packaging capacity is actually a very generous capacity in terms of eye cream. This bottle can be used for at least half a year, which is quite cost-effective.


Come and try it on your hands. Look at the texture and the skin tone. The eye cream is very good, non-sticky and it feels cool.

This time I went to the mainland to visit Henan where the climate is particularly dry. You have to take the eye cream with you and use it as soon as possible. (The best time is to use it as soon as possible)

KeeLeys Eye Cream Recommended Usage: Put an appropriate amount under your eye in the morning and evening after removing your make-up. Then, lightly apply evenly to the skin around the eyes with your fingertips. Feeling quite a variety of skin use.

The amount Miao Miaolin's use when rubbing around the eyes is about the size of a small red bean is probably enough. No need to exert too much force, just put it lightly and it will be absorbed.

I like the faint scent after applying. It's not a pungent smell of chemical spices, but the faint fragrance of flowers, which is very pleasant and very comfortable.

It's okay to wipe the eyes around the eye socket. You can also use a bit at nasolabial fold, or some small lines can be wiped.

The absorption is very good, it is refreshing. However, there is no moisture in the dry climate, there are moisturizing skin care products.

The packaging is very simple but it's easy to carry and use. You can bring while you travel day and night. A day without skin care feels dry.

This is a colorful picture taken in the Qingming Riverside Garden. Friends say that they look very good and my eyes were pretty like a girl next door.

When I was in Henan, I used to punch cards to learn Bao Gong's opening. Everyone called me a Sailor Moon. If there is a wrinkle, she becomes an old woman warrior XD.

The above is the sharing of experiences that Miao Miao Lin personally uses. Want to know more about KeeLeys triple rejuvenating eye cream? Visit the official website below for more information:

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(Apr 25 2016) [Thailand Hot Products] Keelys is a different make-up spray! Make it as a base before make up or spray it after make-up is super easy! (including eye cream, acne cream content sharing)

Recently I had tried different products in Thailand. There are three types of products: acne repair essence, triple regeneration eye essence, and spray protection. I heard that it is selling well in the local market and it is also difficult to buy in Taiwan at present, so I want to try it!

The first product I use among the three was:

Acne Repairing Serum

It says that it’s good for acne! How effective? I will I try this soon………


I don’t have too much acne (very fond of itching XD). But the long lasting acne is very awkward, and a pain near the mouth. At this point, I directly rubbed it on my acne. It doesn’t always feel like rubbing because it’s itchy. It's a bit like the tightness feeling on the acne area but, it's not as obvious as acne is still there.

Like I later grew to the lips. I really have no idea what I really like to do. Had to think about it sooner or later XD Although acne will take some time, but the overall feeling is like iced on acne. Personally recommended!


Next one

Triple Action Regenerating Eye Serum

Rich in deep-sea fish collagen

I put a pea sized amount under my eye

Wish itself has obviously dark circles. After applying, it looks brighter and feels tight. Skin feels smooth and delicate. It makes me surprised!!!


Hydra Firm-up Whitening Mist (SPF50 / PA+++)

You can choose to put before or after makeup or at the last step after the makeup is perfect. There is no color and there is no moisture so, I’m not afraid to destroy the original makeup! And because it is a spray so, there is a smoke-filled sight XD

However, Wish doesn’t like the flavor of the spray. So, I hope they will change its flavor. Otherwise, I am afraid that foreigners would like it! XD

Well, it’s good...... Visit Keelys official website or visit the following websites to check and for questions. ^_^

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(Apr 13 Wed 206) Keeleys Hydra Firm-up Whitening Mist ~ Sunscreen is also a summer dream carefree product! @ 日安艾卡~Erica's Diary...o❤

Although we have the spring for some time!
Due to the global climate change, it's a bit cold at that time!
However, no matter how good sun protection and moisturizing, it is always the only way to keep your skin beautiful.
This seems to be the third time that the sister complained!
Traveled to Macau in early December 2015 for 3 days
These days are cloudy so the sister is relieved that she only wiped a sunscreen in the morning.…. No make up…

After returning home, I was surprised to see that the original spots on my skin became super obvious.
New lights spots ran out.
My Skin is dark and extremely lack of water… Super want to cry!

After returning home, the best (expensive) whitening lotions, essences and masks are all wiped out.
But this is enough!!! Also add collagen protein drink at all costs to take care of the original good skin back Ah!
So Ah! Sunscreen Super Invincible!
Especially in this season, do not think that gray cloudy days do not need sunscreen.


With this experience,
Sister will not dare again!
It is said that many people will feel that it is natural to apply sunscreen before applying makeup, but it is a bit more troublesome to apply it after applying makeup.
Actually, I’m as lazy as everyone else, and I am afraid that I’ll rub it up… Grease, dust, and makeup are stacked on the skin.
I’m afraid I will make my skin disorderly!

Thanks to technology, sunscreen products have become very advanced!
Erica’s recent new love is this bottle.
Keeleys Hydra Firm-up Whitening Mist
Keeleys is a brand from Thailand!

It has SPF 50 / PA +++which is similar to the general high sunscreen products and it seems to be nothing special.
However, it is very powerful in addition to the use of sunscreen, it also to help make the makeup more durable to help the skin to achieve moisture Oh!


There is a bead inside the bottle. Before use, the bottle must be shaken to make if more uniform.

Unlike traditional sunscreen lotion, spray packaging eliminates the trouble of using hands.
And it is super suitable for use after makeup!


It is recommended to use it 15 minutes before going out and then every 3 to 4 hours afterwards.
It can block UVA / UVB damage to the skin.

Let's look at the texture of the spray first!


Use it on your face
Please close your eyes and spray around 20cm away from your face.
In addition to the sunscreen ingredients in the spray, they also added moisturizing and whitening ingredients to protect from the sun.
For the makeup girl, spray before makeup can make the overall makeup lasting!


After spraying, you can do it naturally without tapping
This spray is very different from Erica's previously used similar products.
It is not the kind of texture that gives out a feeling of water droplets, it can form a layer of thin film on the skin after spraying.
But it’s quite light and cool.

The aroma of the spray is very light and there is a delicate smell of an herb
It is a very pleasant smell. It can bring a sense of freshness when used in an irritable hot summer.
In addition to using it on my face, my sister will also use it on my body!


<p50ml's small bottle body is most suitable to carry around, and it doesn't occupy too much space in the bag.
I would like to remind you that such bottles are not suitable to be stored inside a car. Pay special attention to ~


And its price is also very cheap as low as THB420
The price is quite affordable for many people!

In summer, you need Keeleys Hydra Firm-up Whitening Mist Aqua Firm Spray
This is a non-sticky and high-performance sunscreen product.
Because it’s quite refreshing to use, it naturally won’t replenishment (correctly, it should be a supplemental spray)!
This maintenance type of whitening sunscreen spray value is a good thing Ah!~
Get rid of the sticky sunscreen products! Because you have a better sunscreen options this summer.~

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